Thursday, 29 September 2016

Diamond Hunt L3

L/O 1: To develop programming planning skills using flowcharts
L/O 2: To develop programming skills using Scratch


  1. Open your Wildern email - click here for a shortcut -->
  2. Open your OCR evidence document  from Google Classrooms
  3. Go to Google Drive and find your flowchart from last lesson
  4. Complete the flowchart based on the Diamond Hunt game
  5. Save it as an image
  6. Insert it into the OCR evidence document under FLOWCHART OF HOW THE GAME WILL WORK



Create a Diamond Hunt folder inside your Sites folder
Download the Diamond file from Google Classrooms
Save it into the Diamond Hunt folder you've just created


Complete Task B of the task sheet 

  1. Add code to the Miner sprite so that when the Green flag is pressed the miner says "I'm going to be rich" for 1 second
  2. Use the say block to complete this task 
  3. Test your program works and then add a screenshot to your evidence document


Complete Task C of the task sheet 
  1. Add the code for the Diamond Sprite so that it hides if it touches the miner. The variable diamond should increase by 1.
  2. Use these 5 blocks to complete this task: 
  3. Test your program works and then add a screenshot to your evidence document


  1. Peer assess a partner's flowchart
  2. Give them 2 positives and 1 improvement.
  3. Does the flowchart flow?
  4. Have they used the right symbols?


Complete flowchart

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