Thursday, 29 September 2016

Task 5

L/O - To develop the part of the program that saves the data
OUTCOME - You will start 

Intro - 5 minutes

Write down your homework:
To complete the Secondary Storage slides on Google Classroom
Due in: Wednesday 5th October
If you get stuck throughout today's lesson, why don't you make a start on the homework?!

Starter - 5 minutes

Study buddies.. read task 5 and discuss what you'll need to do!

Task 5

The model needs an export feature to save the data so that it can be used in another application (such as a spreadsheet package).

Develop your program so that when the user chooses to export the data:

a) They are asked to enter a suitable filename

b) The program should check whether a file of the same name already exists.

c) If the file does not already exist, then the data are saved.

d) If the file does already exist, the user should be asked whether they want to overwrite

the existing file.

e) If they choose to overwrite the existing file, then the data are saved.

f) If they choose not to overwrite the existing file, then they should be returned to step a.

After this option has been completed, the program should return to the menu.

Main - 45 minutes


Make sure that the following are complete:
  1. Copied and pasted Task 4 code under Task 4 heading in Solution Development
  2. Entered any programming techniques used
  3. Entered any data structures used
  4. Entered all testing
  5. If you are still stuck there is ANOTHER helpsheet on Google Classrooms HERE


  1. Before you start task 5, copy and paste your Word document work into the Google Classrooms HERE
  2. Take a look at Task 5 checklist in Google Classrooms HERE


Complete Task 5

Plenary/Homework - 10 minutes

  1. Check the progress tracker HERE
  2. Hand in each task on Google Classrooms... I can then make a comment for improvements...
  3. Now that you've made a start on task 5, copy and paste your Word document work into the Google Classrooms HERE
  4. Write down your homework - you have over a week to complete it!


Write down your homework - Secondary Storage

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