Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Future Worlds L3: Moodboard Image Collecting

L/O - To develop an idea for your Future Worlds game


Red - You will have read and responded to my game overview feedback
Amber - You will have chosen a scenario for your game and 
created a mind map of ideas
Green - 
You will have started your game overview

Starter - 10 minutes

Log into your school email

Read through my game overview feedback and respond to my game overview feedback in a different colour

Main - 45 minutes


Download the FINAL game overview and link it to the homepage.html you created during the first Future Worlds lesson


Start collecting moodboard images using the moodboard checkilst on https://classroom.google.com/
Save them into your Sites - DA204SPB - Evidence - Moodboard folder


Log into your school email
Email me your photos for printing next lesson


Insert your banner into your ePortfolio from last lesson. Save it as homepage.html if you haven't already

Plenary - 5 minutes

Test your eportfolio online

Go to dida.wildern.org/yourlogin or type your login into the box on my blog:

Check your changing worlds eportfolio is working correctly

Greens for banners!

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