Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Learning Objective: To develop your knowledge of game authoring
Outcome: Understand how to create and input Sprites using GameMaker



Task 1
Complete designs of the following:
- Main Character
- Enemy
- Collectable item
You can use pixel art or find an image from the internet.
What application would you use to edit an image from the internet?
How might you get rid of a background of an image?

Task 2
Open Game Maker
Save your game with an appropriate name in your game making Folder.

Task 3
Insert your sprites into your game.
Ensure you name them appropriately...why might you think we do this?
Save your game

1. Look around Game Maker, how could you find out how to create a room? What are objects? Why might you add a background to your game? How can you get help?
2. Create a room


Show a partner your game sprites.
Have they been inserted correctly?
Are the names appropriate?
Has the game been saved in the correct place?

What have you learnt today?
How do you create a sprite in game maker?
Have you learnt anything else about game maker?

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