Tuesday, 25 April 2017

GameMaker: Adding screens and buttons!

L/O - To develop your understanding of game making

OUTCOME - You will download a game template to insert screens and buttons into


Take a look at the following three games in Google Classroom - would you be able to use one of these templates for your own game?


RED TASK - Downloading a template

Download one of the game templates from Google Classroom and save in your DA204SPB - Products - Game area.

The platform game using tilesets

The platform game NOT using tilesets

The scrolling shooter game

AMBER TASK - Loading Screens in

  • Open all 5 of your screens in Photoshop (Main Menu, Instructions, Backstory, Win and Lose) 
  • Save each one as a JPEG
  • Open GameMaker and use the Create a Background button to load your screens into the template
  • For each room set the correct background

GREEN TASK - Creating Buttons

Using the video below, create a set of working buttons


  • Save your game into Sites --> DA204SPB --> Products --> Game
  • Test your game to see if your buttons work correctly - record your results in the Development Log A and fix any problems

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