Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Trends in Computing

L/O: To understand how your chosen technology has developed over time 

OUTCOME: You will have created an introduction to your presentation and begun to explain the development of your chosen technology

Starter - 10 minutes

  • Open your OCR Programming document in Google Classroom
  • Open your Diamond Hunt game in Scratch 2
  • Open the Self Assessment for Diamond Hunt Project in Google Classroom
  • Check that everything is completed and handed in

Main - 45 minutes


Make sure that you have screenshots of your work into your OCR Programming document
Annotate your screenshots to explain what you have done for each task


Take a look at some of the trends in computing below and start to think about what you are going to talk about...

  • Mobile phones
  • Video games consoles
  • Social networks
  • Satellite navigation systems
  • Computer generated imagery
  • Online retail
  • Robotics
  • Computers in sports
  • Computers and music
  • Virtual reality


Start to fill in the Google Slides on Google Classroom


Discuss your topic with the person next to you

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