Friday, 4 November 2016


L/O - To develop a set of storyboards for your game


Red - You will have completed the game overview, moodboard and rules log
Amber - You will have completed the navigation diagram
Green - 
You will have started your storyboards

Starter - 10 minutes

  1. Take a look at the progress tracker HERE 
  2. Find your name on the bottom tabs and click on it
  3. Make a comment on anything that needs ticking off by right-clicking on the N/P

Main - 45 minutes

  1. Complete the game overview, moodboard and rules log on Google Classroom
  2. Download all three from Google Classroom and save them in Sites - DA204SPB - Evidence
  3. Link them to the homepage.html you created
  1. Complete your navigation diagram on Google Classroom
  2. Download it and save it into your Sites - DA204SPB - Evidence folder 
  3. Link it to the homepage.html you created

  1. Have a go at drawing each of the gaming screens listed on Google Classroom
  2. Take photos of these and insert them into the relevant document on Google Classroom

Plenary - 5 minutes

Test your eportfolio online

Go to or type your login into the box on my blog:

Check your changing worlds eportfolio is working correctly

Greens for banners!

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