Friday, 14 October 2016

Future Worlds: Rules Log L1

L/O - To develop your understanding of a rules log 

OUTCOME - You will develop your own rules log 

Starter - 15 minutes

Take a look at the rules log for the Super Mario game. Can you fill in the events and actions?

Main - 40 minutes


Complete your moodboard annotations and add them to your homepage.html in Adobe Dreamweaver


Make sure that both your moodboard annotations and game overview are linked to your homepage.html


Download the rules log on Google Classroom and start filling it in with your rules for your game


Swap seats with a test buddy and give them feedback on each section:

  • Do their ideas suit the scenario?
  • Do their ideas suit the target audience?

Save the document and add it to your homepage.html in Adobe Dreamweaver so that I can tick you off on the progress tracker

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