Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Python Lesson 1

L/O: To understand and be able to use basic Python Syntax

Starter - 10 minutes

Kahoot - how much do you know now?
Use a memorable name...we will try again another day!

Main - 45 minutes


  • Create a Folder in Sites/Computer Science called Python Training
  • Open a new file in IDLE to start coding...
  • Log into your email and take a look at your Google Classroom at your first assignment


  • From the Start menu select ALL PROGRAMS > ICT & BUSINESS > IDLE (Python GUI)
  • For each new program created you have to start a new Python file by clicking File > New
  • Save each program you make in your new Python Training folder


  • Follow the steps in the tutorial below to understand how to use the print function


  • Create your own programs that output your favourite food/sports/films. Remember to save each as a new file.
  • Sign up to Codecademy.com
  • Can you research how you will be able to allow the user to input some information?


  • What did you create this lesson?
  • What function did you use?
  • What does it do?
  • Have you learnt anything new?
  • Did you get any errors?

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