Thursday, 25 February 2016

Mock Mock Exam L3 of 3

L/O - To continue to develop an understanding of the web exam - To evaluate your website design 

OUTCOME: You will complete the evaluation for the practice exam for 4 Toonz Radio this lesson

Starter - 5 minutes

  1. Read through the 4Toonz Radio exam paper again (HERE as well as the paper copy in the drawer) - what do you need to do today?? Write yourself a list if this helps!
  2. Manage your sites - YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST!!!
  3. Take another look at the example website
  4. Lastly, take look at the paper copy of the Exam Guide (or if you prefer, use the digital copy HERE)

Main - 50 minutes

You should have these already but CHECK!!:

  1. Manage Sites
  2. Open your template and make sure that the width is set to 100%
  3. Edit the template colour scheme to match the brief
  4. Ensure that you have a navigation bar and that the template is saved as a template
  5. Create a suitable banner using appropriate software (make it 1024 x 250 pixels)
  6. Add the banner to your page -100% width
  7. Create the pages you will need from your template
  8. Link your pages together using the required structure
  9. Read the exam and add the required content to your pages
  10. Take a look at the example website and see if you have missed anything required

Complete the evaluation (inside your ASSETS folder called evaluation.doc). Try to write at least THREE paragraphs!


Have a go at marking your own work

Plenary - 5 minutes

Test your website
Does it work as expected?
What do you need to do next?

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