Monday, 13 February 2017

Creating Sprites Lesson 1

L/O 1 - To continue to develop your knowledge of primary and secondary images L/O 2 - To continue to improve your graphic skills L/O 3 - To be able to discuss what assets you will be using for your game

Starter - 5 minutes

Today you can start to creating your assets for your game...

Write down all of your assets (characters, objects, backgrounds) or discuss with the person next to you

Main - 50 minutes

You can start to create your characters in Adobe Illustrator

Here is my example of how it looks in....

Adobe Illustrator

The game

Three things:
  1. The sprites must be 32X32 pixels in Adobe Illustrator
  2. They must have a transparent background
  3. You must save it for the web (go to File - Save for web and devices + choose png-24)


 Open Adobe Illustrator, choose one of these tutorials and try creating a character like the one above, using Adobe Illustrator! **Click on the monster to take you straight to the tutorial.

Extension: Explore Adobe Illustrator some more - check out some tutorials here:


Have a go at creating your first sprite!


Create the backgrounds that you will need for your 5 levels

    Plenary - 5 minutes


    Add assets to Assets Table!
    MAKE SURE that you save each assets as a PSD/AI and a PNG in your GAME folder

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