Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Magazine Review

L/O1 To be able to critically review your game 

L/O2 To develop an understanding of the success criteria for Strand E 

Outcomes: You will start to evaluate your game; critically reflecting on strengths and weaknesses of your game, and will develop an understanding of the mark scheme

Starter - 5 minutes

Read through Strand E (5 marks) here / printed in front of you
Highlight the keywords that best describe how to create a successful review of
your game. One has been done for you.

Main Tasks - 45 minutes

Red Task

  1. Take a look through some of the existing game reviews out there - there is a FIFA16 one in front of you and on this website https://archive.org/details/pczonemagazine
  2. Take a look at the 5/5 / A* examplar reviews in front of you too
  3. Q: What do you think makes them 5/5 / A* reviews?

Amber Task

Download and use THIS DOCUMENT to begin PLANNING what you will include in your review

Green Task

Start writing your review using suitable software (Microsoft Publisher? Adobe InDesign)

Feel free to use my InDesign template (below) by downloading it HERE

Try to use the formatting features in your chosen software to make it look professional and like an online publication

Use the evaluative language help sheet HERE and in front of you

Remember to compare it with the 'real world' examples

Mini-Plenary - 5 minutes 

  1. Which colour are you working on? Change cards so that I can see progress for Greens/Golds. How are you going to progress onto the next colour?
  2. Swap seats with a Test Buddy and use the yellow column on the planning document to mark the answers given (2 marks complete, 1 mark partly completed)
  3. Extension: If you have been to clinics, add a comment to your name HERE so that I can update the progress tracker... 

Plenary - 5 minutes

Which colour have you ended on? 
What will you need to do before next lesson?? Clinic time!!
Greens and Golds for progress

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