Wednesday, 16 November 2016


L/O 1 - To apply sequencing techniques using pseudocode and interactive resources
L/O 2 - To reflect on and evaluate your own performance

Starter - 10 minutes

In pairs, have a go at writing out the instructions for this shape:

Could you refine your instructions?

    Main - 50 minutes

    Red Task

    1. Open your Unit 1 - Evidence Document 
    2. Go to the LOGO website and use the help sheet HERE to create a shape 
    3. Add a screenshot to your Evidence Document

    Q:Is there any way we can make the instructions more efficient (using less instructions)?

    Orange Task

    Complete the evaluation in your
    Evidence Document 
    Don't forget to PEE!!




    So if you're answering a question, state your point, back it up with a piece of evidence and then explain it.

    Green Task

    Peer assess each other's work!

    More advanced Pseudocode activities HERE

    Plenary - 5 minutes

    Ensure all evidence from today's lesson is in your Unit 1 Evidence Document
    Peer assess each other's work!
    Finally, ‘hand-in’ assessment documents for marking on Google Classroom.


    See Google Classroom Homework 2

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