Sunday, 13 November 2016

Lesson 3

L/O1 To develop your understanding of data types

L/O2 To develop your understanding of variables

Outcomes: You will start to store personal data using variables in Python


What is an integer? Can you come up with three examples of data which could be stored as an integer? 

Starter - 5 minutes

Just like Facebook stores specific data on you (name, birthday, phone number, etc), we will use Python to store data on us. But in order to store the data the computer needs to know the data type.
In teams, take a look at my data and see if you can match it to the data type using the helpsheet.

Q: What does variable mean?

Main Tasks - 45 minutes

Red Task
  1. Over to you.... 
  2. Open Python and create a new file
  3. Open Lesson 3 on Google Classroom
  4. Have a go at storing some data on YOU using the variables on slide 24
  5. Don't forget to evidence this
  6. **You might need to use the feet/inches to centimetres sheet to convert your height!
Amber Task

Complete slides 1-9

Green Task

Complete slides 10-19

Ext Task

Complete slides 20-28

Mini-Plenary - 5 minutes

  1. Which colour are you working on? Change cards so that I can see progress for Greens/Golds. How are you going to progress onto the next colour?
  2. Swap seats with a Test Buddy and check their code

Plenary - 5 minutes

Showcase and hand in!!
Which colour have you ended on? 
Greens and Golds for progress

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