Thursday, 22 September 2016

Game Promo

Lesson Objectives 
L/O1 - To appreciate the key features of an effective promotional advert
L/O2 - To develop resources for your promo 

Red - You will have created resources for your promo
Amber - You will have created a promo that has some success in persuading people to play
Green - You will have created a promo that is effective in persuading people to play

  • Use to record video clips of your game in action for your advert
  • Record at least 1 clip for each level of your game
  • Try to make the clips exciting and show as many different aspects of your game as you can

  • Top Tip 1 - when you have finished a clip click publish to video file
  • Top Tip 2 - choose windows media as the video type
  • Top Tip 3 - turn show mouse cursor off

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