Monday, 19 September 2016

Future Worlds L2: Game Overviews

L/O - To develop an idea for your Future Worlds game


Red - You will have looked at and highlighted the three scenarios
Amber - You will have chosen a scenario for your game and 
created a mind map of ideas
Green - 
You will have started your game overview

Starter - 5 minutes

Log into your school email

Read through the game ideas in your classroom and highlight the keywords

Main - 45 minutes


Read through the game ideas in front of your and highlight the keywords


Go to and create a mindmap of ideas for your Future Worlds game (or discuss/use paper - whatever works best!)


Log into your school email
Go to
Fill in the Game Overview


Get feedback from a peer
Insert your banner into your ePortfolio from last lesson. Save it as homepage.html if you haven't already

Plenary - 5 minutes

Test your eportfolio online

Go to or type your login into the box on my blog:

Check your changing worlds eportfolio is working correctly

Greens for banners!

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