Thursday, 15 September 2016

Diamond Hunt Lesson 2

L/O To develop your knowledge of a flowchart
OUTCOME You will create a flowchart for the Diamond Hunt game

Starter - 10 minutes

In your teams, try sorting the flowchart - eRefs for the best team effort / nearest to the correct solution!

Main - 45 minutes

Red Task

1.Log on to your school email:
2.Go to your Google Classroom and follow the instructions

3.Read through the Programming task sheet in Classrooms
4.In section A of your evidence document write down a list of what your game will need to do

Orange Tasks

Using draw a flowchart for your Diamond Hunt game 

Green Task
Add evidence of your flowchart to your OCR Programming document

Plenary - 5 minutes

Add any evidence to your OCR Programming document


To complete 

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