Friday, 17 June 2016

Web Design:Setting up a template

L/O - To develop a working website including the use of a template
OUTCOME - You will have begun to set up your website using a template

Starter - 5 minutes

  1. Open your banner from last lesson, ready to insert into a website ... Did you complete it? ... Do you need more time?
  2. Showcase your banner for feedback!

Main - 50 minutes

Go to your H:/Sites/ICT/Year 8 folder and create a folder called 'Website' if you haven't already

Before working on your website, you must always Manage Sites - you will to this every lesson, so remember! Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open Adobe Dreamweaver (Start - All Programs - Adobe Master Collection)
  2. Click the Manage Sites link on the right hand side of the screen
  3. Click the New button on the mini window
  4. Click the folder icon in the middle of the screen
  5. Navigate to your H:/Sites/ICT/Year 8/Website
  6. Click the Select button
  7. Click the Save button
  8. Click the Done button
  9. The contents of your website folder will be shown at the bottom right hand corner of Adobe Dreamweaver (there will be nothing there yet!)
Follow my lead/these TWO videos to help you set up a website in Adobe Dreamweaver using templates...

Template Manage Sites Editable Regions

Creating Pages from Template

Edit your template to fit your hand drawn designs - set colours/fonts/navigation bar links/banner

Plenary - 5 minutes

Make sure all work is saved in your Year 8 ICT website folder inside Sites
How did you find this lesson? 
What went well?
What did you find hard?
What would you like to work on next lesson?

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