Sunday, 5 June 2016

Making websites in Dreamweaver: Creating a banner

L/O 1: To appreciate what makes an effective banner for your website 
L/O 2: To develop the software skills needed for his

Outcome: You will have learnt new software skills and applied these to create a banner, which is appropriate to your user needs and website design. You have acted on feedback to make improvements.

Starter - 10 minutes

Take a look at the website banners below/in front of you
  • What do they have in common?
  • What are they promoting/advertising? 
  • How are they made graphically - what elements do they contain? What effects have been used?
  • Who are they aimed at?
  • Which adjective would you use to describe the overall feel of the banner?

Extension Task 1: Can you add your own adjective to describe the banner?
Extension Task 2: Discuss ideas for your own website banner with the people around you...
What colours, images, text may you want to use or create?

Main - 40 minutes

  1. Create a folder in your SITES called Year 8 Website
  2. Open Adobe Photoshop
  3. Create a new document 810 x 140 pixels (File --> New)
  4. Call it website banner and save it in your Year 8 Website inside Sites
  5. Come up with a list of user needs for your website


  1. Now is the time to experiment, learn new skills (use the videos below if needed) and share yours! "Greens For Experts" - Can you provide an expert skill? Help others develop their skills!
  2. Start to gather elements from the internet or create your own


  1. Compare your design with your user needs - does it fit? (Remember the Q: What does your website need to do / look like / "be" like?)


Create a new document (blog? Word? other?) and start to compare your banner to a real life banner. Go back to the starter Qs


Mini-Plenary - 5 minutes

  1. Swap seats with someone
  2. Give them 2 stars and a wish feedback (how could it be improved, is it appropriate?)
  4. Swap back and make the improvements (tell me or your partner how their feedback has helped)

Plenary - 5 minutes

What improvements do you still need to make next lesson? What software skills have you learnt? Has this changed your ideas for your actual website design?

Next lesson - template design and inserting your banner

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