Monday, 20 June 2016

Google Form Checklist

L/O To self-assess your progress with Future Worlds coursework

Red - You will have completed all game screens
Amber - You will have completed all parts of your game
Green - You will have started to update your assets tables & development logs


  1. Open the Google Form HERE and go through the tasks
  2. Read through the checklist
  3. Tick off the tasks that you have completed
  4. What do you need to do in today's lesson?
  5. Open the progress tracker HERE and make a comment if it needs updating


1 Create the background screens in Adobe Photoshop:
- Menu
- Instructions
- Winner
- Loser
- Back story

2 Create a working game using GameMaker:
- Working menu screen
- Working instructions screen
- Working winner screen
- Working loser screen
- Working back story screen
3 Put your own sprites into the game:
- Added your own main character sprite into the game
- Added your own enemy characters sprite into the game
- Changed all other sprites in the game to your own
- Changed the background
4 Added your own favicon
5 Added your own loading screen
6 Made your game pausable
7 Created working levels for your game
- Working level one
- Working level two
- Working level three
- Working level four
- Working level five
8 Added your own sound effects to the game
9 Added your own music to the game

10 Filled in your Assets Table - to show all pictures and sounds used
11 Filled in your Development Part A - to show how you tested your game
12 Filled in your Development Part B - to show user feedback
13 Filled in your Development Part C - to show teacher comments
14 Filled in your Development Part D - to show design changes


Update your checklist with any progress you made today so that I can update the progress tracker 

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