Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A Population Model: Flowcharts

L/O1 - To understand the problem and user needs

Red - You will have written a paragraph explaining what you have to do for your controlled assessment
Amber - You will have filled in the user needs
Green - You will have created a flowchart for each task

Intro - 2 minutes


Starter - 5 minutes

What is a flowchart? Recap! Click on the links below and download the files. Complete the 2 games:
Game 1
Game 2

Main - 50 minutes


Complete a paragraph explaining what you have to do for your controlled assessment under 'Design of Solution'
Also under 'Design of Solution' explain what the problem involves and what you need to do to solve it

Make a bullet-point list of what the program needs to do (step-by-step)


For each task 1 -6 identify the inputs, outputs, processes, storage needed for each task and put them into an IPSO table


Complete slides 11-13: Put each one into a category so that you are ready to put these into flowchart software
Complete slide 15 - Flowchart in Draw.io

Plenary - 5 minutes

Share your flowchart with a 'test buddy' for feedback

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