Monday, 23 May 2016

Kodu: Lesson 1

L/O - To understand how to use the terrain tools and control character’s movement using Kodu Game Lab



Grab a homework booklet and fill in the front!
Write your homework in your planner...
Homework: To complete Task 1 in the booklet
Due date: 10/6/16

Red Task

Launch Kodu from All Programs > ICT and Business > Kodu Game Lab
Follow Task 1: Create a world in Kodu

Orange Task

Task 2: Adding Objects

Green Task

Task 3: Programming Objects

Ext Task

Task 4Adding Game-play 


1. Create a folder in your Sites > ICT > called Kodu
2. Save and Export your game (see video below)



Complete Task 1 in your Unit 2 HomeStudy Booklet

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